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Trucking any cargo, HH-trucking with capacity of up to 60 tons of cargo within loading range and wider than prescribed limit, general cargo (LCL). International trucking from 100 kg to 60 tons.

Rail transportation. Fares and charges payment (export / import of Russian Railways), dangerous and not dangerous freight forwarding, rail car rent, repair in depots of Omsk and other places (overall repair, depot servicing, current repair), rail car disposition service along the network of the Russian Federation, Asia, Europe at the most favourable prices, full range of services.

Sea transportation. From Novorossiysk, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Vanino, Archangelsk ports to all ports of the world, freight payment, agenting, surveyor and tallyman service.

River transportation. Loading and unloading, escorting, port and dock ship service. Tanker, barge and ferry transportation along river and inland waterways.

Air transportation. This service enables managerial cargo delivery with minimum effort but rather high transport costs compared with other means of transport.

Hiring, sale and repair of containers (refrigerators, tankers, auto, rail, sea and unit cargo transporters).

Transporting particular-type cargo and special machines in Russia and the Omsk Region, any tasks.

Cargo insurance and certification, protection along the supply route and at its points, trained staff, reasonable prices.

Warehousing services (maintenance responsibility) cross-docking (transit and cross-docking warehousing) in our storage warehouses in Omsk at the 200 sq. m. warm storage warehouse and 1000 sq. m. cold storage warehouse and in Krasnodar Krai at the 1000 sq. m. storage warehouse.

Rigging, loading and unloading activities (frame crane, mechanical arm, etc.) our own railway with containers and warehouses up to 8 waggons.

Repacking, goods packaging, the best deals for corroboard and polyethylene.

Cargo deliveries to the territories of the Far North (Dudinka, Norilsk, Yakulia, Ust Kut, Selkhard, Magadan, Anadyr, etc.)

Working out a full range of logistical optimization of your cargo HH-delivery all over the world.

Creating a schema full cycle optimization of logistics for the delivery of your goods around the world in the format of "Door a door".

 Distribution of goods.

The company "Global Logistics" has a wide range of services related to the organization of international trade transactions between the Russian and Chinese buyers, European and American manufacturers, as well as, the calculation of the logistics of these transactions. The main ones are:
1. On request of Russian customers are monitoring the Chinese market and search for the goods of interest to the customer on the basis of the available databases and their own experience to enter into such transactions.
2. We provide primary talks with Chinese and European producers on the availability, price and quality of the requested item, if necessary, provide catalogs. In the case of contracts we take control of the implementation of the transactions on a "door to door" or on any other terms of interest to the client.
3. We provide services to clients consolidation, packing, sorting, cargo clearance in China and Europe.
4. Legalize air cargo.
5. Being sent all kinds of goods from China and Europe by plane, car, ship or w \ d container car.
6. We provide translation services, guides for major major fairs in China and Europe.
7. Perhaps a simple buy and search for products overseas Europe Asia and etc. Now you do not have to personally visit the supplier of goods, issuing contracts have settlement accounts in Russia and other countries, the company "Global Logistics" will do it for you! Signing an agreement with us, you get a clear line purchase and delivery of goods. Our representatives can pick up the goods so that it fits your requirements.

We will be glad to find the ultimate transportation solution for you!